Guidance for Employers: Share Job Openings at No Cost on Our Platform.

Temsjobs presents an exclusive opportunity for employers based in Nigeria to connect with the right candidates effortlessly. You can now showcase your job vacancies online without any charges or obligatory registrations.

To publish your job openings without any cost, kindly follow these simple steps:

  1. Share Essential Details: Forward the following information to us at hello [at]
    • A brief overview of your company (feel free to include your company’s website, if applicable).
    • Job Title(s) you’re hiring for.
    • Comprehensive job requirements and responsibilities.
    • Instructions on how candidates should apply.
    • Application deadline for interested applicants.
  2. Quick Verification: Once we receive your submission, we’ll promptly review the details to ensure the authenticity of the company and the job role.
  3. Prompt Posting: Once verified, your job vacancy will be promptly featured on our website, offering increased visibility to potential candidates seeking opportunities.

Important Note to Consider:

Our platform continuously aggregates job listings from reliable company websites, strengthening our commitment to candidates. As a result, priority is granted to jobs from companies with a history of trust and reliability. While we do our best, we can’t guarantee immediate or complete posting of jobs submitted via email.

For those looking to maximize exposure and secure priority display for their job vacancies, we invite you to explore our advert page. This option offers an avenue to capture our attention and enhance the visibility of your job openings.

Seize this chance to effortlessly tap into our online job portal and connect with the ideal candidates. At Temsjobs, we’re here to simplify and enhance your recruitment process.